Property Management

Reliance Property Resources believes that property management is not a complicated or difficult task, just difficult to do well.

As a team, Reliance Property Resources participates in every aspect of the management of every property. Our Brokers, Leasing Agents, Property Managers, Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, Accountant, and Assistants are all part of tenant relations. This integration of responsibility can only be accomplished by utilizing good, well-qualified people who are properly motivated. People who care about their performance.

Getting off to a good start with each new property and each tenant is critical. Reliance Property Resources’ transition team does this by going to great lengths to familiarize itself with all aspects of the property, its operation and its tenants. We believe there is no substitute for good tenant relations and effective cost controls. We know property owners want creative problem solving and quality reporting. We realize that we are the front lines to maintain and enhance an owner’s investment. We work diligently to maintain and increase the value of our client’s investment. We achieve this by increasing the Net Operating Income of a property via increasing revenue whenever possible while holding expenses down without sacrificing quality or service.

If it makes economic sense, we bid our contracts to maximize reduction of operating expenses by sometimes putting our entire portfolio of properties with a single service company thus reducing costs for all properties.

  • Elevator contracts
  • Landscape
  • Janitorial
  • Trash

Early this year RPR purchased a master property and casualty insurance policy with one of the nation’s largest and most experienced carriers insuring 13 separate properties with an insurable value of over $60 million dollars. Predicated upon owner and lien holder requirements, each property pays the cost separately for their individual tailored coverage. The results were an overall premium reduction on the total portfolio of a little over 50%, with individual properties varying from 20 to 60% reduction of cost for enhanced coverage.

RPR can offer new clients in this program thereby reducing operation expenses and making the property more competitive in the market place.

As part of our services we provide each property owner with a monthly report detailing all the activities of the previous month and a yearly budget with frequent telephone and email contact in between. Every month, tenants receive a monthly news letter mailed with the monthly statement.