There may not be any more important task than that of leasing.

Simply stated, without cash flow there is almost no need for any other activities. That is one of the reasons that Reliance Property Resources focuses maximum effort on getting and keeping our client's buildings full.

At Reliance Property Resources, project representation is more than taking calls generated by a leasing sign. Reliance Property Resources' leasing team is integrally involved in establishing and maintaining market interest. The leasing team assigned to the property will set leasing goals, develop market strategy, create marketing materials and diligently pursue prospects. We inform the brokerage community and on-line users looking for real estate property with the aid of CoStar, LoopNet, creative flyers, eflyers, our own data base of prospects, and our website. We respond to requests for proposals quickly, usually within minutes of a request.

The handling of a lease transaction, whether it be the renewal or expansion of an existing tenant or for a prospective tenant must be directed and controlled by a skilled negotiator such as the staff at Reliance Property Resources who has a thorough understanding of the market place as well as the legal and operational conditions of lease agreements and all accompanying documentation. We place ourselves in the owners' position as we negotiate to achieve the best market rate and term deals available.
Some of our tenants


Reliance Property Resources' tenant representation team consists of knowledgeable professionals working solely for their clients' best interests.

When Reliance Property Resources is hired to work as a tenant representative broker by a company, that company gains access to the entire staff. Reliance Property Resources has over three decades of leasing, management, brokerage, construction and engineering experience from which to gain an advantage. Each discipline is strategically tapped during the evaluation, selection, negotiation, construction and move-in process. Each phase is expertly guided to make sure all issues are addressed and target dates are met.

Selecting a "corporate home" for 3, 5, 10 or more years is a vitally important economic and operational decision. There are many tangible factors to weigh, subjective judgments to make, and emotions to consider. Foremost in the process is sound market knowledge and the experience of the tenant representative broker and the organization that supports that broker.

To make matters more complex, decisions must be made with long-term ramifications in a fluctuating market. Depressed real estate has caused ownership changes. A knowledgeable, street-smart tenant representative broker will make the difference between settling for a space and selecting the optimum and most efficient lease space. Our proven results streamline the process and save our clients time and, more importantly, money.